Wednesday 30 April 2014

TeamAU stars on Save Point TV program, check it out!

TeamAU guys and GIGABYTE teamed up for EB GAMES EXPO 2013 to bring some frost byte magic to the show and give people a chance to check out the crazy liquid nitrogen show and get cooled by the LN2 fumes all weekend long.

A popular gaming TV program Save Point TV was there to capture the magic. Here is the episode in full, watch it in HD and enjoy! For more liquid nitrogen magic visit TeamAU FaceBook page.

Monday 28 April 2014


GIGABYTE saw the inception of its overclocking motherboard range with the X58A-OC. The board was a hit, and the idea was simple. Design a motherboard purely for overclockers. Pack it with overclocking features and take everything else out. The world's first pure overclocking motherboard. The X58A-OC was the last of its kind for some time, with no revival until Z87. The Z87X-OC saw the return of the orange themed overclocking board, and it came as an absolute success. As of 25/04/14 the Z87X-OC is the most popular motherboard used on HWBOT by both users and number of submissions.

Today the orange legacy continues with GIGABYTE's new Z97X-SOC FORCE motherboard, and I am lucky enough to have it on hand for a quick preview. The Z97X-SOC FORCE is based on the new Z97 chipset and supports current gen i7 1150 “Haswell” CPUs and will support the yet to be released new line from Intel, as well as Broadwell CPUs to come in another future release.

The board comes packed in a chunky box from GIGABYTE. Being orange themed and featuring an F1 car on the front you can tell straight away that this board is geared for those who like it fast. Also note the GOOC logo on the side of the car, a tribute to GIGABYTE’s premier global overclocking competition and a renewed hope for its return. (At least I hope so!)

Moving to the back of the box and we have an outline of some of the features this motherboard contains. Some of the main features mentioned on the box are OC touch (more on that in a touch), dual channel DDR3, dual bios, IR digital power design, and of course the OC Brace. It’s not all about pure overclockers though with a Killer gaming network E2200 chip and gaming headphone amplifier also being featured.

Opening the box now and we are met with a very cool image of the board being frozen, presumably by liquid nitrogen. We also get a nice peak at the board itself.

Wednesday 23 April 2014

GIGABYTE OC Lab Gets Overrun….by OC Sharks


Last week the GIGABYTE OC lab hosted some world famous benchers to destroy hardware, go through massive quantities of LN2 and have a great time doing it. TeamAU boys were there and dinos22, SniperOz and Youngpro helped take some monster world records. We can’t post the scores just yet, but notice everyone but the shark and “Jake” are smiling.

Stay tuned!