Friday 4 July 2014

Flashback Friday, Gigabyte Overclocking Masters 2007 Australia

Yay another Friday flashback boys and girls. This is a cracker from 2007. It was treated by Gigabyte as the trial to GOOC (Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship) which ended up being help globally in 2008.

Atomic Magazine was the host, the place that helped TeamAU kick off the team. Josh (moloko) worked at Atomic as a writer at the time. He also competed in the comp along with dinos22, youngpro and Kayl.

It was an even held in a bar overlooking Darling Harbour in Sydney. We used dry ice but forgot to bring acetone so we experimented with various alcoholic drinks with high alcohol content and nail polish remover which was all a bit of a fail but we still cracked on. Dinos22 took out both 1M SuperPI and 3DMARK06 stages to take the comp. Youngpro was close second while moloko was third. Kayl had a few issues with his setup so he entertained swallowing dry ice pellets and drinking ridiculous amounts of beer LOL.

That was an awesome event, beer, overclocking and general geekness all round lol

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