Tuesday 18 November 2014

TeamAU Breaks Aquamark3 World Record: 593,932 marks

Last weekend we began the pre-pre-testing for our upcoming pre-testing of the Aquamark3 benchmark. We were lucky enough to break the AM3 world record with 593932 points, beating the previous mark (and very good record btw) by nearly 8000 points.

We used the following system for the record:

  • 4770K CPU on LN2 cooling
  • ASUS 980X Strix GPU on stock cooling
  • Gigabyte Z97X SOC Force motherboard
  • Patriot 2400 MHz PSC memory on LN2 cooling
  • EK SF3D heat spreaders on the ram
  • Corsair AX1500i

We will have another crack at this soon and see if we can sneak up to the 600,000 mark




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