Friday 1 August 2014

Flashback Friday, GOOC 2009 with deanzo and dinos22

After our first taste of a major global OC competition, deanzo & dinos22 made it out of the Australian qualifying rounds as the top 2 overclockers. Regional was held in Thailand and what a great experience that was! We ended up winning the regional. It was a pretty once sided affair but we did slip up on a bonus stage where Nick Shih grabbed the bonus prize.

Anyway, we were through to yet another global final and faced off against a smaller group of OCers compared to 2008. The comp was a controversial one where Fugger and Vapor were suspected of using mipmap tweak (which was never allowed in any contest nor HWBOT) in their 3D stage after everyone analysed their GPU/CPU clock frequencies and frames but it was already too late to do anything about it so it remained unquestioned.

GOOC 2009 Regional – Pan Asia (Thailand)

GOOC 2009 Final in Taiwan

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