Tuesday 27 May 2014

OCAU Z97 comp is over, winners announced

I wanted to congratulate all the competition winners from the recent Z97 OC comp on OCAU forum (Overclockers Australia). GIGABYTE sponsored the competition with all top 3 prizes being Z97X-SOC Force and a participation prize (Z87X-OC).


This competition was based on 3 tests:

  • Stage 1 Catzilla - 576P - CCC (crap card challenge) GT610 test
  • Stage 2 Superpi 8M - 4GHz Cap 
  • Stage 3 3dmark01 - CCC (crap card challenge) GT610

The competition was not that straight forward. Contestants had to learn how to solder modifications on a really cheap graphics card (Nvidia GT610) and see if they can extract more MHz out of the GPU via mods and various cooling techniques. The modified card could be used on two different stages and it proved to be more than a handful. In the end, Robbo2 was the overall winner with the first place in Catzilla, while Newlife managed to snag the 3DMark01 round and bullants took the 8M superpi but has not contested the rest of the stages. GT610 GPUs operate at 810Mhz stock core and 600MHz memory. There guys were able to run them at 1400MHz core and over 900MHz memory for good measure!

  • Robbo2 @ 26Points - First Place Winner
  • Newlife @ 18 Points - Second Place Winner
  • T8y @ 16 Points - Third Place Winner

Participation prize (Z87X-OC) went to a new Aussie rookie overclocker Paulie_AU who put a fantastic effort and is one of our future overclocking hopes with some great performances in HWBOT Rookie Rumble cups. Good luck Paulie on the next stage of that competition!

I’ll leave you with some memorable images from the competition itself which you can check out at OCAU forum. 

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