Thursday 15 May 2014

World Records we are close to taking all globals!

During our December 2013 benching meet up we discussed what we needed to do to take our team to the next level. We set our focus on 3D benchmarks, with an ambitious goal of attempting to hold all the global 3D records simultaneously. The term global record is used to describe the biggest score ever produced in a benchmark. This could be with any combination of motherboard, CPU, memory and number of graphics cards.


We are very humbled and proud to say that while we haven't yet achieved this feat, we have been fortunate enough to take 9 out of 11 records, with 2nd place in both benchmarks we are missing. This has been a team effort, with everyone contributing their own skills to make these scores possible.

Thanks to Gigabyte, ASUS, Corsair, G.Skill, EK, EVGA and the countless others that have helped along the way, without your loyal support none of this would be possible.


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